HP Officejet 6812 Printhead Problems


Step 1:Make use of genuine ink cartridges

  •    In case the ink cartridges do not support the printer,it may result in an error message.So try to use ink cartridges that are compatible with the HP Officejet 6812 printer.
  •    In certain cases,printer resetting may help to sort out the HP Officejet 6812 Printhead issue. Switch on the 123.hp.com printer.Unplug the power cable from the printer’s rear and from the wall socket.
  •    Refrain from proceeding for at least one minute and then connect the power cable to the electrical socket and to the printer’s rear and then switch it on again.

Step 2:Uninstall the ink cartridges

  •    Uninstall the ink cartridges from their respective slots and then examine whether the error message displayed on the control panel of the printer identifies the HP Officejet 6812 Printer issue.
  •    Release the ink cartridges out of the printer carriage and then examine the control panel of the printer or system for the error message to know the faulty ink cartridge.
  •    In case the printer’s control panel displays ,ink system failure message,it is necessary to upgrade the printer firmware and replace the faulty ink cartridge with new one.

Step 3:Wipe the ink cartridge vents and contacts

  •    Cleanse the electrical contacts of the HP Officejet 6812 ink cartridge and vents using a clean and moist cloth.In case an ink cartridge causes issue,uninstall the ink cartridge and install the new one.
  •    Scrutinize the vent area which is located at the top of the ink cartridge. In case you have viewed any clogged vents,make use of a pin to clean the vents.
  •    After cleaning,reinsert the ink cartridges into their respective slots .When you hear a sound while installing indicates that the cartridges is fixed firmly in its location.

Step 4:Upgrade the firmware of the 123.hp.com/oj6812 printer

  •    In case the firmware of the printer is outdated,download the updated firmware from our website and then install it on the system to sort out the HP Officejet 6812 Printhead issue.
  •    Get directed to our website,choose the version of the operating system,if necessary. Select Firmware and then select the Download option to download it.
  •    In case the firmware is not enlisted,the update is not available.In case serial number is screened,tick on the checkbox and then select Update to upgrade the firmware.

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