HP Officejet 6954 Troubleshooting

Why is HP OfficeJet 6954 Printer Offline

  • Get the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool to begin the connection process.
  • This will assist you in overcoming many connection issues with your printer and perform printing.
  • Run the Diagnostics to resolve the Offline HP Officejet 6954 troubleshooting issue.
  • If this didn’t work , set the printer as default.
  • Verify the network credentials of the router to check if the router’s connection remains active and stable.
  • If not, call your internet service provider.

HP Officejet 6954 troubleshooting

Why won’t my HP OfficeJet 6954 printer print

  • Check if the printer carriage moves properly.
  • Switch on the printer and make sure the carriage moves by listening to the sound. If not, replace it.
  • Inspect the cartridge area for any leak.
  • If so, replace the cartridges.
  • Open the input and output trays, check for jammed paper bits using a flashlight, and remove them.
  • Inspect the area for paper bits after opening the access door.
  • Remove any jammed paper if present.

How to solve HP OfficeJet 6954 Printer Problem

  • Solve most printer problems with the HP Officejet 6954 by going with the steps that are given on this site. The best way to overcome most HP Officejet 6954 troubleshooting issues is by performing a hard reset.
  • You need to detach the power cord from the rear of the printer and wall outlet.
  • Do this with the printer turned on.
  • Wait for a while and re-establish the connection with the printer.
  • The HP Officejet 6954 will start printing properly.

Why is my HP OfficeJet 6954 not printing Black Ink

  • Select the Ink drop icon on the Officejet 6954 printer’s display.
  • Tap View Estimated Ink Levels. Check whether the level of ink in the black cartridge is low and replace it if required.
  • If the level is at its optimum and the printer fails to print, open the access door and ascertain whether the cartridge is placed in the correct slot.
  • Otherwise, look into the cartridge area for ink leaks.
  • If yes, replace the damaged cartridge.
  • Inspect the cartridge contacts of the color cartridges and replace them if damaged.

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