HP Officejet Pro 251DW Driver

Installing and using a Windows built-in HP Officejet Pro 251DW Driver Setup

  •    Get the HP Officejet Pro 251DW Driver and software automatically by enabling Windows Update. Go to the Windows Device Installation Settings and scrutinize that your system is configured to download the driver software automatically.
  •    Choose the change device installation option followed by Change device installation settings in the available results.
  •    By doing this, device installation Settings windows get screened. Select the Yes option, and then choose Save Changes. Subsequently, initiate the network connection to the printer.
  •    Get your printer and the system connected by means of a USB cable or through your local network. By performing this, your Windows recognizes the HP Officejet 251 DW printer at the time of installation process.
  •    In the event of using USB connection, use a USB cable and link your 123 HP Printer. Power on your HP Officejet 251DW printer. Join a USB cable to the USB port and then to the computer you are using.
  •    Check the compatibility and install the required printer driver and software for your printer.
  •    In the event of using Wireless mode of connection, use Wireless Setup Wizard on the HP Printer to link the 123.hp.com/ojpro251dw printer to the network.
  •    The following instructions help you to use Wireless Setup Wizard to associate the printer. Collect the required network name and password needed for the Wireless network connection.
  •    Place your printer and the computer closer during installation. Switch on your router, printer, and Desktop connected to a wireless network.
  •    Detach any USB or Ethernet cables from your HP Officejet 251DW printer. Go to the control panel click Setup–> Network or Wireless.
  •    Get directed to Wireless Setup Wizard, and then utilize the tips screened on the screen to associate the printer with the network. Now use the instructions to link your 123 HP OJP251DW printer by means of WPS.
  •    Press the Wireless button and hold it for two seconds on the printer’s control panel.
  •     Within few seconds you can see the blinking of the Wireless icon. By that time, release the button.
  •    Push the WPS button on your Wireless router within two minutes.
  •    By doing this, network connection is automatically established on your printer.
  •    Use Add a Printer Wizard to customize the HP Officejet Pro 251DW printer.
  •    Pick out the preferred connection type and use the Add a Printer wizard to customize the built-in printer driver.
  •    Find devices under Windows, and then tap on the choose Devices and Printer option.
  •    Click on Add a printer. Opt for your printer in the list followed by the Next option. Utilize the guides prompted on the screen and install the HP Officejet Pro 251DW Driver.
  •    Your printer setup is done. Use it to print the required document.
  •    The instructions provided below helps you to have better knowledge on how to print and scan a document from 123 HP Officejet Pro 251DW printer.
  •    Select the document of your choice, follow the prompts, and take the printout of it.


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