HP Officejet Pro 3610 Troubleshooting

Why is HP Officejet Pro 3610 Printer Offline

  • If the status of the printer is Offline then, you cannot print.
  • You can use HP Print and Scan Doctor to check the printer status.
  • Go online and download the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool.
  • From the download location, locate the HPPSdr.exe file and run the same.
  • The welcome screen of the application window will have a Start button, click on it and select your printer from the list.
  • Click Retry, if you cannot find the printer on the list.
  • Click Yes, when the screen prompts to turn the printer updates on.
  • Make the HP OfficeJet Pro 3610 printer as the Default printer.
  • Now, try printing with your device, check if the status of the printer is changed to Online.

HP Officejet Pro 3610 Troubleshooting

HP Officejet Pro 3610 Scanner Issue

  • Reset the print environment that can fix the minimal issue.
  • Try to scan again and check if you can able to get the desired result.
  • If you still face the trouble then, use the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool.
  • The automated HP Officejet Pro 3610 troubleshooting tool will diagnose the scan issue and display the report.
  • Download and install the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool. On the welcome screen, click Start and click on your printer name.
  • Click next and choose between Fix Printing and Fix Scanning. Using the on-screen directions resolve the scan issue.
  • You can now test the screen functionality visually.
  • Check if the scan mechanism takes place without any hindrance.
  • If the scanner HP Officejet Pro 3610 Troubleshooting
    issue persists, you can service your printer.

HP Officejet Pro 3610 Paper Jam

  • Paper jam issue occurs when the papers get stuck inside the printer parts during the print process.
  • The papers usually stuck in the paper roller and get tare and bits of paper stuck inside the printer’s body.
  • Always load the input tray with a fresh stack of papers and check the website for the compatible type of papers for your printer.
  • Paper jam happens in the internal parts of the printer.
  • Open the top cover of the printer and use both of your hands to remove the jammed paper.
  • Observe the other parts of the printer and clear the paper jam.
  • Clean the paper rollers using lint-free clothes and restart the printer.
  • Open a document and print it to check if the 123.hp.com/ojpro3610 printer is working fine.