HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 Troubleshooting

Why is my HP Officejet pro 6968 Printer Offline

A solution to overcome the Officejet printer offline issue are given below.

  • Download the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool on your computer.
  • Once the installation is done, run the tool.
  • Run the diagnostics to commence the troubleshooting operation.
  • The tool detects the root cause of the issue and resolves it.
  • If this does not work, check if the router’s internet connection is stable.
  • If not, consult your internet service provider for further assistance.

HP Officejet pro 6968 Troubleshooting

Why is my HP Officejet pro 6968 Printer Not Printing Black Ink

The solution to resolve the printer not printing in black issue is given below.

  • Check the ink level of the black cartridge.
  • Tap the Setup icon which is in the lower left corner of the display panel of the printer.
  • Navigate to Estimated Ink Levels and then tap OK.
  • Choose the Estimated ink levels to view the ink level of the cartridges.
  • If the level of the black cartridge is low, replace it.
  • Open the cartridge access door with the printer turned on.
  • Check if the black cartridge is properly inserted and remove and reinsert it properly.

How to solve HP Officejet pro 6968 Ink Cartridge Problem

Ink cartridge problems can occur due to several reasons. Carry forward the steps given below to overcome the ink cartridge issue.

  • Open the access door of your printer and remove all the cartridges.
  • Inspect them for any damage and check if the ink leaks.
  • If so, replace the damaged cartridge.
  • Reinsert the cartridge and press them properly until you hear a tick sound.
  • Shut the access door and tap OK on the control panel.
  • An alignment page prints.
  • Place the page on the scanner glass and print an alignment page.

How to solve HP officejet pro 6968 Paper Jam Issues

Paper jam issues on Officejet printers are quite common. Resolve them by going with the prompts that are given below.

  • Open the input tray, output tray and access door of the printer.
  • Look for any jammed or torn paper bits inside the printer and clear the paper.
  • Use a flashlight to check for papers inside the rollers and other areas of the printer and clear them if present.
  • Check the sides of the input and output trays and clear paper bits from there.
  • Open the Automatic document feeder assembly and clear the bits of paper.

HP Officejet pro 6968 Factory Reset

Performing the factory reset on the HP Officejet pro 6968 printer restores the settings of the printer to its default.

  • You need to note down the printer credentials and settings that are previously set on the printer.
  • Go to Settings on the device’s display panel.
  • Scroll down and select Restore Factory Defaults.
  • The printer will prompt you to confirm the operation.
  • Select Yes and wait for a while.
  • A message stating that the settings have been restored will appear on the panel.
  • The power button and blue wireless light will start blinking.
  • This confirms the reset process.

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