•   Automatic two sided printing and scanning
  •   Mobile printing for Mac and Windows user
  •   Wired and Wireless connection
  •   Print, Copy, Scan, and Fax
  •   Paper handling: 250 sheets
  •   Affordable printer
  •   Supports in different platforms


123 HP OJPro8715 Mobile Printing

123 HP 8715 Printer Setup

HP Officejet 8715 Printer Setup

  •   Unpack your HP OJ Pro 8715 printer and its components from the shipment box.
  •   Connect the printer and the system with a network connection. (Wired or Wireless).
  •   Insert the ink cartridges into its respective slot (Right – black color and Left – tri color).
  •   Download and install the printer driver and software which is suitable for your 123 HP printer.
  •   Position the plain paper which is compatible for the printer on the input tray.
  •   Once you are done with the steps which are given above, try to print a test document.

123 HP OJP8715 Driver & Manual Download

Configure the full feature printer driver to avail all the supported printer features. Use the installation CD to install the driver. If it does not work. Uninstall the previously installed driver and re-install it. If you still face an issue, check on our website, download the updated and compatible driver and software for your printer. Use the instructions which are displayed on our website to download and install the driver and software.Readmore…

Driver downloadManual download

HP Officejet 8715 Wireless Setup

   Window setup

Setup your Windows computer and the printer over the Wireless network connection. Install the required printer driver and software for your 123.hp.com/ojpro8715 printer. During the installation process, choose the connection type as the Wireless connection. Use your Wireless network name and password to link the printer and system.

   Mac setup

Connect your 123 HP printer and the Mac device to the same Wireless network connection. Position your Wireless router and printer at a closer distance to avoid the inferences during communication. Unplug any USB or Ethernet cable from the printer. Add your printer tot he network and start printing your document or photo.

Replacement HP 8715 Ink Cartridge

  •    A printer requires its ink cartridges to be replaced if the cartridge contains no ink or if the ink is clogged or depleted.
  •    Follow our simple procedure to replace the ink cartridges successfully into their slot.
  •    Check if your HP Officejet Pro 8715 printer is powered on. Place your fingers into the HP 8715 ink cartridge slot on the left side of the printer, and then lift the ink cartridge access door.
  •    The carriage moves to the left side of your printer. Stop until the carriage is stable and noiseless. Release the cartridge by pushing it towards the front side.
  •    Take off the new ink cartridge from its package. Clasp the new ink cartridge so that the cartridge contacts face the printer. Glide the new ink cartridge into its slot.
  •    Whenever you install an ink cartridge, shake the ink inside the cartridge well and then remove it from the package. This ensures the correct inkflow.
  •    Ascertain that the letter on the ink cartridges matches the letter on the slot. Reprocess these steps to install any other new cartridges. Shut the cartridge access door.Read More…

HP OJP8715 Ink Cartridge

123.hp.com/ojp8715 Printer Function


Avail a professional quality document and photo with the HP Officejet Pro 8715 printer. Print the document faster by auto duplex printing.


Start your scan job directly from your system. Use the scan app (Windows and Mac user) to scan your document or photo.


Make use of your printer to produce copies of the printed document or photo. Use the scanner glass or ADF to copy your document


Make use of the fax feature to scan your desired document and send a fax of that document via a land line to another fax capable devices.

123 HP Setup 8715 Troubleshooting

Printing issue

  •   By resetting the printer can rectify some types of slow printing issues.
  •   Verify the driver settings. Ensure that it is compatible with the printer.
  •    Verify the network connection status (Wired or Wireless connection).
  •   Remove the 123.hp.com/ojp8715 printer driver using the uninstall a program tool.
  •   Re-install the printer driver and upgrade the printer firmware.

123 hp ojpro8715 troubleshooting

Paper jam error

  •   Take away any loose paper from the input and the output tray.
  •   Clear the jammed papers which are inside the printer roller.
  •    Position the printer on a flat surface to avoid the paper jam issue.
  •   Ensure that the papers which are inside the tray are placed properly.
  •    Reboot the printer and print a self-test report to find the printer status.

HP Officejet Pro 8715 Printer Installation & Setup!
Steps to download HP Officejet Pro 8715 Printer Driver & Software.
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