HP Officejet Pro 6960 Ink cartridge

Check HP 6960 ink or toner levels

While installing the HP Officejetpro 6960 Ink cartridge, make sure that you place the appropriate cartridges into its place. Examine the ink level of the cartridges frequently to avoid ink cartridge error. Wipe the electrical contacts of the ink cartridge to avoid paper jam error. Utilize the genuine HP 6960 ink cartridge for high-quality printouts. Go through the steps below to examine the estimated ink level of the cartridge in both Windows and Mac operating system

Step 1:Check the printer software on windows

  •    Switch on the HP Officejet Pro 6960 printer. Browse Windows for HP,select the printer’s name from the list of results.
  •    In case the HP Solution Center screens the results,press the estimated ink icon
  •    In case you are not able to know the ink level,proceed to the next step.

Step 2:Check the printer software on Mac

  •    Power up the 123.hp.com/ojpro6960 printer. Choose the Apple icon and then select the System Preferences->Printers&Scanners,Print&fax or Print & Scan option.
  •    Choose the printer name. Select Options&Supplies and then choose the Supply level tab.
  •    In case you are not able to verify the ink levels,proceed to the next step.

Steps 3:Examine ink levels with HP apps

  •    Install the HP Print and Scan Doctor to identify and solve the printing and scanning issues.
  •    Select the Start icon,choose the printer’s name and then select the Next Option.
  •    Select the Start icon,choose the printer’s name and then select the Next Option.
  •    Select Printer in the top menu bar,choose Supply Chains to see the estimated ink levels or toner levels.
  •    You can also utilize the HP Smart App to verify the estimated ink level or toner levels on the mobile device or Windows 10 system.
  •    Navigate to the App store for HP Smart App on the mobile device and then install the app. Trail the guidelines on the screen to configure the printer with the app.

Step 4:Print a Printer Status Report

  •    To print a Printer Status Report,examine the estimated ink levels,scan and fax settings.
  •    Insert the plain paper into the input tray.On the printer’s control panel, navigate to Dashboard and then tap on the Setup icon.
  •    Tap Reports on the display screen and then tap Printer Status Report to print the report.

Replace the H OJPro6960 ink cartridges

  •    Unseal the ink cartridge access door. Verify whether the carriage slides to the ink cartridge access area. Halt for a minute until the printer is inactive prior to proceeding.
  •    Click the tab inward on the front of the HP Officejetpro 6960 Ink cartridge to remove it and then drag the ink cartridge out from the slot. Take out the ink cartridge from the package.
  •    Grasp the ink cartridges by its sides and then eliminate the orange cap from the ink cartridge.While grasping the ink cartridge,make sure that the ink cartridge contacts face downwards and then similar the label color with the color dot on the carriage.
  •    Glide the ink cartridge into its slot and then smoothly place the ink cartridge down until it fixes into place. Redo the same steps for all the ink cartridges and then seal the ink cartridge access door.