HP Pagewide Pro 552dw Printer

  •   Easy to setup
  •   Mobile printing accessibility.
  •   Print, copy, scan, fax functionality.
  •   Google cloud printing compatibility.
  •   Mopria certified printer.
  •   ADF tray is present.
  •   Supported by Windows and Mac OS.

hp Pagewide pro 552dw

How to Install

Installation guidelines for your benefits. Check our website and get to know how to setup up your printer. As soon as the HP Pagewide Pro 552dw printer delivers at your door step, sit relax and check out the basic instructions and configure the printer on your own. This section has instructions inclusive of unwrapping the hardware, installing the ink cartridges, assembling the hardware, establishing the network connection, and even more. For clear cut details, pick your phone and dial the number displayed on the screen.

Unbox setup

  • Step 1 :   When the printer is shipped at your door step the first thing have to do is to check the components that your printer has. If any of the accessories is found to be missed, contact the dealer.
  • Step 2 :   Make sure you have cleared all packing tapes and plastic papers wound all around the HP Pagewide Pro 552dw printer and other accessories. Once you cleared all the tapes send it to the recycling process.
  • Step 3 :   Check if the package contains ink cartridges. Take it out and free it from the plastic materials and the protective cover which is present on top of it. Use the prompts to install it.Kindly remember that the black ink cartridge should always be placed in the right slot and the color ink cartridge should always be placed in the left slot.
  • Step 4 :   Open the cartridge door and do not proceed until the printer retains from the idle state. Place the ink cartridge into its slot and push it gradually until the snap sound is heard.Use the same procedure to install all the other cartridges that comes with your printer package. For maintaining the print quality avoid exposing the cartridges to open air.
  • Step 5 :   Place required amount of paper into the loading tray of the printer. Placing more papers or mismatch paper types can affect the print quality. Arrange the paper width guides before you commence a print job.
  • Step 6 :   Let the printer align the ink cartridges. this is preferred in order to maintain good print quality. Once the alignment page is ejected take it out, place it again on the tray and follow the prompts.Once the alignment page is printed, search for a correct HP Pagewide Pro 552dw printer driver and software. Download and install it using the on- screen prompts.

If You Have any Queries About Installation

123.hp.com/setup 552dw

Driver manual download

Sometimes your printer does not print even you have assembled all the accessories properly and you have no idea on what to do next. The outdated printer driver and software are the reasons behind the malfunctioning of the HP Pagewide Pro 552dw printer. By that time you are supposed to uninstall already existing software and download a new updated one. We are here to provide you the needs. Get directed to our website and enter the printer model number to which you are searching the driver, follow the prompts to download it. Make sure that it is compatible with the computer to which the printer is connected. To know more,reach our experts.

ePrint setup

Eprint is a mobile printing solution which lets you print from the place you are. It is a secured cloud- based service offered by HP. Internet connection is mandatory to share and take the printouts of the required documents and photos. Check if the mobile device and your HP Pagewide Pro 552dw printer support this feature. You should satisfy some basic requirements to print using the ePrint feature. Using this feature you can print from your Android devices and Amazon Fire devices as well. The Operating system which runs on your mobile should have V4.0 and recent. Check our website and know more.

Google cloudPrint setup

Google Cloud Print service came into existence in order to print photos and documents securely from any mobile or network- connected device to your HP printer. To use this feature you have to register to the Google Cloud account. If you already have an account you can use it as well. After connecting your printer to Google Cloud Print, you can print the documents of your choice. Using this feature you can print photos, documents, webpages and ,email. To get more idea about this, just give a call.

AirPrint setup

AirPrint mobile solution lets Apple users print from their iPhone, iPod,or iPad. All you have to do is to connect the Apple device and the network-enabled printer to a same wireless network. This is available in the HP printers that came to market in 2010 and later. To use this app your Apple iOS should be 4.2 and recent. Use the prompts to connect the printer to the network connection. Check what are the supported apps and follow the prompts to install it on your device. For more detailed instruction, call our toll free.

Printer setting

Portrait or Landscape Orientation

If you want to take vertical prints, choose the Portrait option. Choose the landscape option, if you want to take horizontal prints. To set this get directed to the orientation menu on the Layout, Features, or Finishing tab.

Paper Tray or Source

Certain printer models have secondary input tray which you can use to feed the paper. In such situations, you have to set the paper tray source from where your HP Pagewide Pro 552dw printer has to take the plain paper. Go to the Source or Paper source menu to set this option.

Photo paper type

You can customize the paper tray type either as glossy, HP photo paper, or matte based on the finish you want from your printer. Printer handling can be made simpler if the paper type is properly setup.

Draft mode

Each mode of your printer is designed to get specific print quality. If the Draft mode is set, lowest DPI printouts can be obtained. This is generally used when the cartridge installed on the printer is about to get over.

Borderless Printing

You can take printouts from your printer with or without the border. this is entirely based on your preference. Check if your printer supports the borderless printing feature. To know more, reach our technical experts.

Color or Black and White

When you set the black and white option, your printer takes only the black ink cartridge. If you set the color option, your HP Pagewide Pro 552dw printer takes all cartridges to print color photos.

Wireless printer setup

Wireless setup for windows

To setup your HP Pagewide Pro 552dw printer to the wireless network you should get an active Internet connection. Get the driver installed on your computer based on the operating system which runs on your computer. Make sure that you have set the connection type as wireless,when prompted. Use either Wireless Protected Service or HP Auto Wireless Connect and get the printer connected to the network. Our professionals offer you the setup instruction for each mode of connection. For more detailed assistance, call to our technical experts.

Wireless setup for MAC

Connecting the printer to the Mac computer is very simple and can be done within a blink of an eye. To do this you require simple instructions. We are here to serve the purpose. Go through the instructions provided in our manual and get to know the easiest way of establishing the wireless network on your computer. Go with the Wi-Fi Direct option to connect the mobile device and printer directly without using any accessing point. Check our manual to get more details regarding the wireless network connection or simply call on our toll- free.

Toner catridge

Toner cartridge comes with the HP printer when you purchase it. If your printer supports color printing, the manufacturer provides you both the color and monochrome ink cartridge. Use the prompts to fix the toner cartridge into the respective slots. Misplacing the toner leads to the printer malfunction. It is advisable to estimate the level of ink to avoid the print quality hit at a greater level. Change a new toner when the ink cartridge is about to get over. The HP also offer Instant ink for its user where you can get the ink toner delivered at your doorsteps on monthly basis. Call us to know more about HP Instant Ink.

Ink Catridge

  •     The guidelines provided in this section is all about the ink cartridge installation and replacement. We give you detailed instructions to be done to fix the cartridge.
  •     Search for a new ink cartridge inside the printer shipment box. Take it out from the box and remove the package found. Free the toner from the pink protective tab.
  •     The pink tab should be removed in order to eliminate the protective tap present on the ink cartridge. Make sure that you have not touched the copper contacts of the toner.
  •     Gradually hold the cartridge in a way that the copper strips are facing towards the printer. push it into its slot until you hear a snap sound. This sound is heard when the toner fits properly into its slot.After installing the color and mono cartridge shut the top cover of the HP Pagewide Pro 552dw printer, and then align the new ink cartridge using the displayed prompts.

HP Pagewide Pro 552dw ink cartridge


Whatever the evolution in technology it cannot comes up with a product which is last long. This applies to the HP Pagewide Pro 552dw printer. Though your printer is highly efficient,it might face some issue which has an adverse effect on its performance and print quality. The issue can be paper feed, cartridge,or print related issue. We provide the troubleshooting tips to solve the issue encountered by your printer. Check our manual and get the appropriate solutions from us.

Jams and paper-feed issues

  •    when the paper placed in the loading tray gets jammed, the control panel of the printer prompts an alert message. The printer function can be restored after removing the paper jam.
  •    When you clear the jammed paper from the printer, it is advisable to power off the printer to avoid mechanical shock. You should not remove the paper from the front of the printer.
  •    After powering off the printer,plug out the power cord from the printer’s rear end. Pull the access door out by turning the dial clockwise and check for the jammed paper.
  •    Take out extra paper from the paper supply tray and discard crumpled or damaged paper and then place the paper again into the paper supply tray. Subsequently, reinstall the access door.
  •    Once it is all set, re- establish the power cord connection at the rear side of the printer, and then power on the printer. To know more tips to avoid the paper jam issue, call us.

Catridge Issues

  •    sometimes the HP printer might display cartridge problem, incompatible ink cartridges, or cartridge failure error message on its control panel and stop performing the print job.
  •    These errors result when the printer fails to detect the ink cartridge due to dirt in the electrical contacts. Ink residue prevents the printer from functioning properly.
  •    Check if you are using the ink cartridges purchased from the manufacturer. Using unauthentic ink leads to such kind of HP Pagewide Pro 552dw printer issue. Check if any low level ink cartridge is present.
  •    If you find any of the installed ink cartridges to be extremely low, remove it from the slot,and replace a new ink cartridge. Use the instructions we provide on how to install the ink cartridges.
  •    Allow your printer to reset. Resetting the printer might bring back the normal printer functionality. Check our manual for more tips or call us to get more ideas on how to avoid ink cartridge issue.

Printing Issues

  •     The HP Pagewide Pro 552dw printer fails to produce the printouts at expected quality occasionally. By that time you might find streak on the printouts or fine lines. Use the prompts displayed to get your printer out of this kind of issue.
  •     When the printouts are not obtained at expected speed, reset the printer. The slow printing issue might cause when the settings are not customized properly. check our manual and know the ideal settings option for a particular print job.
  •     Rarely the printer cannot print the assigned job from the Windows or Mac computer. This is because of the print job stuck issue. By that time the assigned job neither be fulfilled nor canceled. Follow the prompts and sort out this issue.
  •     When the communication between the printer and the computer is not maintained properly,the printer offline issue occurs. Check what makes your HP Pagewide Pro 552dw printer to go offline,solve it out, re- establish the connection using our prompts.