•   Ease of setup and use.
  •   Supports Mobile Printing solution.
  •   Quality photo printing.
  •   Wireless network and USB connection.
  •   Compatible with Windows and Mac operating system.
  •   Affordable for small office.
  •   Ultra fast print speed.

123.hp.com/oj7110 printer

123 HP Officejet 7110 Printer Setup

  •    Eradicate all the packing materials which have surrounded the printer for avoiding the damage of the printer’s parts.
  •    Link one end of the power cable to the rear of the printer and the other end of the cable to the electrical outlet.
  •    Now, switch on the 123.hp.com/oj7110 printer.Elevate the output tray and move the paper guides to their outermost position.
  •    Mount the paper into the input tray with the short edge moving forward and the print-side downwards.
  •    Glide the paper width guides inwards until they touch the edge of the stack and then bring down the output tray.
  •    Unlock the ink cartridge access door and then install the 123 HP Setup 7110 cartridges into their corresponding slots.
  •    Be cautious while inserting the ink cartridge wait until it snaps into place. Seal the ink cartridge access door.
  •    Wait for the printer to align the installed cartridges and print an alignment page by itself.

HP Officejet 7110 Printer

123 HP OJ7110 Mobile Printing


Print your standard quality borderless photos from Officejet 7110 by just modifying borderless print option.


Get the print option on the mobile devices by downloading and installing the eprint app on your mobile devices.

Wireless setup

Make use of the easiest method to connect the 123 HP printer over the wireless network for Windows and Mac operating system.Readmore


On your Apple devices,install the AirPrint app to print the text and images you intend to print.

123 HP OJ 7110 Print settings

Portrait or Landscape Orientation

Are you wishing to print the photo in vertical as well as horizontal prints?Choose Portrait for vertical printouts and Landscape for horizontal printouts which helps you to print your photos.

Paper Tray or Source

If you have an issue with the paper tray, make use of the optional tray. Select the paper tray source where you have inserted the photo paper for more than one paper tray.

Photo Paper Type

Custom the paper type you are using such as HP photo paper, glossy or matte finish so that the 123.hp.com/oj7110 printer operates properly for printing and you will be able to print on the paper without any issues.

Draft Mode

Utilize the draft mode for printing purpose and when there is low ink in the ink cartridge. The draft mode uses the low DPI when the ink level is very low and manages the HP 71100 ink consumption.

Borderless Printing

Do you need to print your photos without any borders, then use the Borderless printing option that is accessible from the Advanced options of your print settings.

Color or Black and White

To print your documents or photos in vivid colors,utilize the color option on the Paper/Quality tab.Print your text in black color,use the black and White option under the Paper/Quality tab.

123 HP 7110 Driver & Manual Download

Make your 123 hp oj7110 driver download process very easy with our user manual and instructions provided on the website.Utilize the software installation CD,which helps you to install the latest printer driver and software that is compatible with the printer model and version of the operating system.Once you have installed the driver on your system,frequently check for the updates in the 123.hp.com/oj7110 printer driver for both Windows and Mac operating system which helps you to sort out many of the printer issues and also helps you to work more easier and faster.Readmore…

Driver downloadManual download

Replacement 123 HP 7110 Ink Cartridge

123 HP Officejet 7110 Ink Cartridge replacement is mainly done when the ink cartridge is faulty or the cartridge is not compatible with the printer model.While purchasing the cartridge,make sure that the cartridge supports the printer model and use standard ink cartridges for the printer. Utilize XL cartridges to produce a number of printouts.

  •    Make use of ink cartridges that are authentic and also examine whether the cartridge supports the printer model. Power up the HP Officejet 7110 printer by pressing the power button and then unseal the ink cartridge access door.
  •    Shove the front of the cartridge to release the ink cartridges and then drag it forward to install the cartridge from the slot. Take out the cartridge from the packaging.Grasp the cartridge handles such that the contacts are facing the printer.
  •    Be cautious while pressing the cartridge down until it fixes into place and then seal the ink cartridge access door.
HP OJ 7110 Troubleshooting

Print Head Problems

In certain situations,you encounter the printhead problem when you use the ink cartridges which are not compatible with the 123.hp.com/oj7110 printer. Wipe the printhead frequently to avoid the issue.

Paper Jam Issues

You are in need of printing an important document but due to the paper jam issue ,you are not able to print the document.Initially,remove the jammed paper and then try to print again.

Print Quality

Due to the smears in the paper or freaks,the quality of the print is not satisfied .Make the print quality best,using the instructions provided on our website and attempt to print.Readmore…

HP OJ7110 Printer setup

HP Officejet 7110 Printer Installation & Setup!
Steps to download HP Officejet 7110 Printer Driver & Software.
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