HP Pagewide pro 477dw Printer

  •   Utilize the high capacity paper tray
  •   Supports Automatic Duplex Printing
  •   Secure your documents with PIN-based security
  •   Print multiple pages using Automatic document feeder
  •   Excellent print quality
  •   Supports mobile printing option
  •   Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems

hp pagewide pro 477dw

How to Install

To start your printing process out of the box,initially,you need to follow a certain unboxing procedure for the printer. While unpacking the printer , examine whether the contents in the box as it varies by country/region. Look for software installation CD,input tray, ink cartridges,duplexer,USB cable and power cable. One of the important component is the ink cartridge . Without the cartridge,you will not be able to print from the printer. Install the printer software for the HP Pagewide pro 477dw printer using the software installation CD.

Unbox setup

  • Step 1 :   Uncrate the printer. eradicate all the packing materials from the interior and exterior of the printer.Examine the list of contents in the box as it differs by country.
  • Step 2 :   Drag the tray out of the device. Slide the paper length and width guides to their farthest position. Feed the plain paper into the input tray for the printing process.
  • Step 3 :   After inserting,adjust the length and width paper guides against the edge of the paper. Shove the paper to ensure that the paper stack is below the mark.
  • Step 4 :   Link one end of the power cable to the printer’s rear and other end of the cable to the wall socket . After connection process,switch on the HP Pagewide pro 477dw printer.
  • Step 5 :   Take out the cartridge from the printer’s packaging. Install the ink cartridge to its respective slot. Redo the same procedure for all the ink cartridges .
  • Step 6 :   Once you have installed the ink cartridges, refrain from proceedings for the printer to finish its warm-up period and the printer is to be inactive.On the printer’s control panel,customize the settings such as country/region and date and time. After settings,click OK to confirm your choice.
  • Step 7 :   To set the settings is mainly done using the navigation up and down arrows and then set the settings for the printer from the printer’s control panel.Once you have configured the printer ‘s hardware, it is necessary to install the upgraded printer driver and software to begin the printing process.

If You Have any Queries About Installation

123.hp.com/pagewide pro 477dw

Driver manual download

To make your HP Pagewide pro 477dw printer print smoothly and faster, it is necessary to install the upgraded printer driver and software in the system. The upgraded printer driver avails all the latest features. While installing the driver,make certain that the suitable driver is installed in the system with respect to the version of the operating system and printer model. Ensure that the .exe setup file is necessary to install the driver for Windows system and .dmg setup file is used for Mac operating system. At the time of installing the driver,ensure that the printer is linked to the system and both the devices are powered up. Add the printer’s name to the available list for printing.

ePrint setup

Prior to configuring the 123.hp.com 477dw printer for HP ePrint,make certain that the printer is compatible with the ePrint feature. Check whether there is any logo or icon in the printer’s control panel. You need to link the system over the wireless network with an active internet access. On the control panel of the printer,tap the HP ePrint icon. In case the printer does not have an icon,move to Web Services->Turn on it. Download the app on your phones,choose the item you intend to print,select the printer’s name and then try to print.

Google cloudPrint setup

Google Cloud print is a free service that helps you to print a document or photo from any network enabled device. For using this service,it is not necessary to install any additional drivers and software for the device. Link the printer and system to the same wireless network. Access the browser and log in to your Google account.The printer looks for the list of available devices on the network. In case the printer’s name is not listed,register the printer name . Select the item you need to print and then click the print icon.

AirPrint setup

AirPrint is a mobile printing solution which supports you to print from the Apple devices. Connect the printer and Apple device to the same wireless network. To connect the printer over the wireless network,make use of the Wireless Setup Wizard for connection. Download the AirPrint app on your mobile device and select the photo or document you wish to print from the mobile phones. Choose the printer’s name from the list of available devices and alter the print settings for the item,if required and then try to print.

Printer setting

Print in Grayscale

Utilize the Grayscale option which permits you to print a black and white document with the help of the black cartridge. Select black Ink only and then select the OK button to print the documents.

Booklet Layout

Want to print your documents in the form of a booklet? The booklet layout lets you print multiple page documents as a booklet. Choose the binding method from the pop-up list and then click the OK option.

Print page borders

Want to add borders to the documents you intend to print? Utilize print page borders will allow you to include borders to the pages in case you print the document with two or more pages.

Paper tray and paper size for copies

Do you have the issue with your input tray or do you want to print from other trays? Tap settings to display the copy settings menu and then select Tray Selection to print from the tray you want to print.

General Office Mode

Want to extend the life of the cartridge? Utilize the General Office mode yields more printouts which improve the life of the cartridge. On the Properties option->Paper /quality tab->General Office.

Page orientation

Are you wondering on how to print the item in vertical as well as horizontal prints? Select the Portrait option for vertical printouts and Landscape for horizontal printouts.

Wireless printer setup

Wireless setup for windows

To configure the HP Pagewide pro 477dw printer over the wireless network,examine whether the printer is wireless enabled. Look whether the wireless router is compatible with Wi-Fi Protected Setup. If not,acquire the name of the wireless network and password for the connection process. Prior to installing the printer over the wireless network,ensure that it is linked using a USB cable. If so,disconnect it. On the printer’s control panel,touch the settings icon. Tap Network Setup->Wireless Settings->Wireless Setup wizard to link the printer over the network.

Wireless setup for MAC

To establish the printer connection over the wireless network,you can use several methods of connection . Make use of Wi-Fi Protected Setup method for connection. In Wi-Fi Protected method,you can use PUSH method or PIN method for network connection. In PUSH method,press the Wi-Fi button. In PIN method, key in the 4-digit pin number to connect the printer . In case you are using the Wireless Setup Wizard,index the network name and password to begin the connection. Make use of the simplest method for Mac system.

Toner catridge

Ink cartridge is one of the important parts of the HP Pagewide pro 477dw printer. Without the ink cartridges,you will not be able to print the item. Make use of genuine ink cartridge for printing. Make certain that you do not take out the cartridge from the package until you are ready to use them. While installing the ink cartridges,hold it carefully as the dropping or rough handling may result in printing issues. Try to use the general office mode which yields lighter printouts which helps you to utilize the ink cartridge more than the normal usage. Take the aid of the steps below for cartridge installation.

Ink Catridge installation

  •     Prior to installing the ink cartridges,unseal the cartridge door. It is advisable not to touch the metal contacts on the cartridge. The fingerprints on the contacts may result in connection issue.
  •     Take out the ink cartridge from the printer’s packaging.Insert the ink cartridge into its slot. Seal the cartridge door. Make certain that all cartridges are inserted into its respective slots.
  •     While installing the ink cartridge,match the color and icon on the cartridge with that on each slot. After installation,ensure that the cartridge fixes into place. Utilize genuine ink cartridges for printing.
  •     Examine the ink cartridge levels from the printer’s control panel or from the HP Pagewide pro 477dw printer software. Tap the ink icon on the printer’s control panel dashboard to view the estimated cartridge levels.
  •     In case you uninstall the cartridge from the printer for certain reasons,make an attempt replace it as early as possible.

HP Pagewide pro 477dw ink cartridges


Have you ever wondered why the printer experience frequent issues? It can be due to outdated printer driver and software. If you have misalignment while inserting the paper,the paper jam issue occurs. While placing the paper,stack it until the marks in the input tray. These are certain tips which help you to solve the issue. For every issue,reboot the printer which is one of the initial solutions to sort out the issue. Certain issues and their solutions are given below:

Resolve Jams and paper-feed issues

  •    Unlock the document feeder cover. Raise the document feeder roller assembly, take out the jammed paper and seal the document feeder cover.
  •    Raise the scanner lid,in case there is any jammed paper in the rear of the white plastic backing,try to pull them out from it without ripping.
  •    In case there is any jammed paper which is attainable and visible in Tray 1 ,drag it out from Tray 1. Ensure that all the papers are discarded .
  •    Unseal the left door,eliminate the jammed paper that is visible from the rollers and interior of the HP Pagewide pro 477dw printer before printing. Seal the left door.
  •    Check for any jammed paper in the output bin area and duplexer. If there is any in the accessible area,discard them and then seal the left door.

Catridge Issues

  •    For all the cartridge issues,the main reason can be the use of unauthentic ink cartridges, try to use standard cartridges for the printer.
  •    In case the printer’s control panel displays”ink level is low” message,it is important to replace the cartridge when the printer instructs you.
  •    If you view install color cartridge message in the printer’s control panel after the setup process, cartridge is not installed properly,install it again.
  •    In case you notice the install color cartridge message prior to setup, ink the cartridge is not installed or the access door is not closed properly.
  •    On the printer’s control panel,you notice the incompatible cartridge issue, you need to wipe the electrical contacts using a clean and damp cloth.

print quality issues

  •     It is suggested to use authentic ink cartridges for the HP Pagewide pro 477dw printer. Examine whether the printer uses the authentic and compatible ink cartridges. In case the ink cartridges are not compatible or standard,you will have issues with the print quality and frequent replacement of cartridges.
  •     Make certain that the paper type settings are suitable for the print job you are trying to print. In case the paper type is not suitable,it may result in repetitive smears in the printed outputs or the printed page may be curled. Customize to appropriate paper type and then attempt to print .
  •     On the printer’s control panel,select the setup icon.On the setup screen,tap the reports icon. Under reports menu,tap Print quality report to examine and evaluate the defects. You are able to view vertical strikes on the color bars or printed output,it is necessary to align or clean the printhead .
  •     To align the printhead,feed plain paper into the input tray. On the printer’s control panel,tap Dashboard->Setup->Printer Maintenance->Align Printhead. Once you follow the steps,the alignment process is commenced. After alignment,the quality report page prints to verify whether the issue is solved.