HP Pagewide Pro 577z

HP Pagewide Pro 577z Printer

  •   Inkjet printer with 80000 pages as a monthly duty cycle.
  •   Capable of printing in color and black inks.
  •   Compatible with Mac, Windows, Unix operating system.
  •   A4 supported media size.
  •   Automatic Document Feeder is present.
  •   All in one printer.
  •   AirPrint and Cloud Print compatibility.

HP Pagewide Pro 577z printer

How to Install HP Pagewide Pro 577z Printer?

The installation guidelines for your HP Pagewide Pro 577z printer is at your finger tip.check our manual to know each and every step involved in setting up your printer. Go through the instructions in our manual and learn how to setup your printer easily for the very first time. This includes steps from unpacking all hardware to the installation of the latest and an appropriate printer driver and software. If you have an installation CD you can use it for the installation purpose. To get more knowledge about the printer installation just give a ring to our professional experts.

Unbox setup

  • Step 1 :   The instructions provided in this section help the user who is in search of first-time printer setup. Read this manual and know the simplest way of setting up your printer.
  • Step 2 :   Once your new printer has arrived at your doorstep it is necessary to check the components and hardware that came along with your printer.
  • Step 3 :   Contact the manufacturer if you find something to be missed which is mentioned on your printer documentation.
  • Step 4 :   Open the packing box and take out the printer from it. Free all the plastic tapes and bubble wrapper which surrounds the components of your printer.
  • Step 5 :   Hold the printer handle and open the cartridge access door to remove the packing materials found inside it. And then check for the packing materials in the input tray.
  • Step 6 :   Use a power cord to connect the printer to the power source. Make sure that the power cord connection is firm to avoid electrical damage.Power on your Pagewide Pro printer and use the prompts to set your preferences. Make sure that no cables are connected to the computer during installation.
  • Step 7 :   Fill the loading tray of the printer using required number of unused, white, and flat white papers. Tap your paper stack to maintain it on a flat surface.Check the instructions and install the ink cartridge followed by the driver and software installation.

If You Have any Queries About Installation


Driver manual download

Driver and software act as a heart of your printer where no printer function can be performed without its presence. It is always advisable to download and install the recent version of the printer driver in order to get the most of your printer. Knowing the compatibility of the computer you are using is important in order to find and download an appropriate driver and software. Use the instructions on our website to download the driver. We offer the tips on how to install the driver on your computer and customize the printer settings easily. Get directed to our website to know more about your HP Pagewide Pro 577z printer.

ePrint setup

A secure way of transferring and printing documents and photos are made possible from a place where you are. HP ePrint feature helps you out to satisfy this need. An active Internet connection is mandatory to connect the mobile devices and printer. Send an email of the document which you to print directly to the printer. This is a great platform for people who are looking for ePrint setup instructions.simple guidelines are at your fingertips.make use of it and start printing the required documents or photos swiftly from your HP Pagewide Pro 577z printers.

Google cloudPrint setup

Cloud Printing is a technology which is developed to print a document or photo from anywhere once it is saved or uploaded to the cloud. To upload your documents and photos on the cloud you should have a Google Cloud account. This website provides you details on how to use Google Cloud Printing features and its benefits over other features. It is free of cost and also provides secured way of transferring data. No separate drivers or software are required to use Cloud Print. Check our manual and get more details about the Cloud Print feature.

AirPrint setup

Apple iOS V 4.2 and later mobile operating system support a mobile printing solution called AirPrint. This feature lets you print from your iPad,iPhone, or iPod over a wireless network easily. Check if your printer supports AirPrint and then use the guidelines provided on our website. Once the network connection is established and you paired your network-enabled printer and the mobile device you can start to print the required document. Check our website for detailed instructions.

Printer setting

Portrait or Landscape Orientation

Using the Portrait or Landscape Orientation, taking the print of documents and photos in vertically and horizontally. To set this tap on the Orientation menu on the Features tab. Call us for more lively tips.

Paper Tray or Source

This option is for the printers that have more than one input tray. You can choose the paper source by clicking on the Paper Source or Source menu on the Paper Quality or Features tab. Check our documentation to know more.

Photo paper type

To make the printer to print properly on the paper you can set the paper type such as brochure or plain and other special paper types. To set the paper type, get directed to the Type or Paper Type option under Features tab.

Draft mode

Draft mode lets you print when the ink cartridge level is low. Use this mode when you are looking for a mediocre printout. Get directed to the Quality Settings options or Media categorized under the Paper or Quality tab.

Print on both sides

Check if the HP Pagewide Pro 577z printer you are using is compatible with the borderless printing feature. This option lets you print photos without trimming it as it does the trimming function by default. To get more ideas callus.

Color or Black and White

If your printer is capable of printing in both the color and black and white ink, you will have an option to set it liable to the print job you have assigned. Check the documentation provided in this website to know more.

Wireless printer setup

Wireless setup for windows

Wireless connection mode is the most widely preferred mode of connection because of its easy setup and maintenance cost. Not much time is required to establish the wireless connection on your devices. It offers a wide variety of platforms as well among which you can pick out yours. It saves your time and effort. Take a glance at our instructions and know the installation procedure on each platform. Get an expert advice prior you choose the platform and avoid the possibilities of the connection issue. Toll- free number is displayed on the screen for your convenience.

Wireless setup for MAC

Setting up the wireless network on the Mac computer is not a big task as we offer you the simplest instructions. Check your Mac operating system’s version and how it is compatible with the latest features which are inbuilt in your HP Pagewide Pro 577z printer. Check the Wireless router’s documentation and key in the network name and password when you are instructed to do so.if any issues are an alert message gets prompted don’t think much, just give us a call and sort out all your issues. Here is the toll- free number for your benefits.

Ink catridge catridge

Though you have installed the correct driver and software for your printer and set up all hardware you should search and fix the correct ink cartridge into its slots if you want your printer to work properly. Not all the toners by the manufacture suit your printer model. Check which is compatible with your printer and buy an authentic toner to avoid cartridge issue earlier. To know the compatibility you can check the documentation which comes with your printer package. If still have doubts regarding the ink cartridge you can call us.

Ink Catridge

  •     Once you switch on the printer, open the ink cartridge access door and then take out the ink cartridge from its slot. Check the cartridge for the ink level and then proceed to the next step.
  •     Always the ink cartridges are wound with the plastic tapes and bubble wrapper to avoid physical damage. Unwrap it and remove the protective layer on its top as well.
  •     Make sure that you have not touched the copper contacts or ink nozzles to avoid ink leakage. Check you have not removed the copper strips (electrical contacts).
  •     Hold the copper strips of the toner facing the HP Pagewide Pro 577z printer and then slide the cartridge at an upward angle into the carriage until it fits in its place.
  •     After placing all the cartridges close the top cover of your printer and allow it to align the new cartridge.

HP Pagewide Pro 577z ink cartridge


Generally, all electronic machines start to experience the issue after certain years. This lies in the case of the Pagewide Printers also. Obviously, your printer is one among the best printers but the fact does not apply throughout the lifetime. This platform is for you to solve the issues experienced by your HP Pagewide Pro 577z printer. Check the manual and find the exact solutions and get the issue solved. The solutions for the simple issue to the extreme faults are available here. For more queries, our professional experts are always available to help you out.

Resolve Jams and paper-feed issues

  •    he paper jam issue makes your printer to function abnormally. We provide the actions to be performed to bring the printer back to its function.
  •    Manually check if any paper jam is present inside the input tray. Before you check for the jammed paper you have to disconnect the power cord from the printer’s end.
  •    Unlock the rear access door by rotating it to the counterclockwise and clean the dirt present inside the rollers and ensure that it moves freely.
  •    You have to remove even the paper which is found to be damaged or crumpled. Then reload the paper into the input tray.
  •    Follow our guidelines to know the causes of the paper jam and recommended tips to avoid its occurrence earlier. You can even call us to know more.

Catridge Issues

  •     when the cartridge is not properly seated in its slot or incompatible ink cartridge is used your printer’s control panel displays an alert message.
  •    The HP Pagewide Pro 577z printer fails to print or produces printouts with poor quality. By that time, you have to check what is the causes for the ink cartridge issue.
  •    If it is because of the low ink level you have to take it out and install a new cartridge. Follow the prompts to place the ink cartridge properly.
  •    If the ink level is low and you don’t have a new ink cartridge you can use the draft mode to get the printouts of mediocre quality.
  •    You can also use HP Instant ink to estimate the monthly usage of ink. Buy a new cartridge at a time and avoid the low ink level situation thereby free from the cartridge issue.

print quality issues

  •      Sometimes the printer fails to operate properly and produces mediocre quality printouts. The printouts made by the printer might have smears and fuzzy texts which actually drops its quality. Trail the instructions provided in this section to bring back the specified quality.
  •     Generally, papers like photo papers have a dual side. One is printing side whereas another is nonprinting side. Check you have rest the print side on the tray. The printing side is usually smoother than the non- printing side. Avoid using papers which are curled. Feed only clean paper in the loading tray of the printer.
  •     Using incorrect paper type might lead to the print quality issue. If you want to print a document with dense printing make use of the HP Advanced Photo Paper to get best results. If you find smears on the paper and the ink is not absorbed by the paper, try to print with some other paper types.
  •     Check if the print settings you have customized is appropriate for your print job. Click on the Window icon, and go with the Print option. When the print dialog box prompts click Properties, and check the Paper type and size. Check our manual and know the appropriate settings to be done.