Samsung Printer Wireless Setup


Wireless connectivity has transformed the way we operate our devices. When you connect your printer and the computer over a wireless network, you don’t need any cables to connect them. If you have a Samsung printer that supports wireless printing, you can complete the wireless setup by following the instructions. If it doesn’t support wireless printing, don’t worry, the connection can be established using a USB cable. Continue to read this article and complete the wireless setup for your Samsung printer.

Download the Samsung Printer Driver

A printer driver plays a vital role in establishing the connection between your printer and the computer. For your Samsung printer, you can get the appropriate drivers from HP’s support page. Follow the instructions below for the detailed procedure.

  •   From your browser, visit HP’s official website.
  •   Enter your Samsung printer model and go to its support page.
  •   When taken to the support page, click Software, Drivers, and Firmware.
  •   On the Downloads page, your OS will be detected and the compatible drivers will be displayed.
  •   In case you require a driver for a different Operating System, click Choose a different OS and choose the OS you prefer.
  •   When the recommended drivers are displayed, choose the one you require and click the Download button.
  •   Now, the driver will start to download in the background.

Install the Samsung Printer Driver and Complete the Wireless Setup

  •   Once the driver download is complete, locate the file in the Downloads folder.
  •   Run the setup file. If the User Account Control dialog box comes up, choose Yes.
  •   When the license agreement screen appears, accept all the terms and conditions. In case you don’t accept the terms and conditions, you cannot continue with the installation process.
  •   On the Connection method screen, choose Wireless.
  •   When the nearby networks are displayed, choose your router’s SSID and enter the respective password in the appropriate field.
  •   In case the installer doesn’t show you your router’s network, enter your router’s credentials manually.
  •   The connection will be established between your printer and the computer within a few seconds.
  •   Ensure that you have connected your printer to the same network to which you have connected your computer.
  •   In case your Samsung printer doesn’t support wireless printing, choose USB in the Connection method screen. Then, connect your printer and the computer using a USB cable when prompted.
  •   Follow the instructions and complete the Samsung Printer installation procedure.

In this manner, you can complete the Samsung Printer wireless setup on your Samsung printer. If you have any other questions, reach out to us for expert assistance.

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